Highlights of the OneNet Final Event

NewsHighlights of the OneNet Final Event

Highlights of the OneNet Final Event

The OneNet Final Event, held on 5 March 2024 in Brussels spotlighted years of innovation, collaboration, and transformative efforts in reshaping Europe’s electrical landscape.

With 120 participants present in Brussels and an additional 50 attending online, the event started with a warm welcome and an insightful presentation on the OneNet vision by Antonello Monti (Fraunhofer) and Ferdinando Bosco (Engineering), followed by a keynote address from Mark van Stiphout (European Commission).

“By harnessing flexibility and fostering customer engagement, we witness the potential for success. The Green Deal can work, and OneNet is demonstrating effective implementation and solution-driven progress“.

Mark van Stiphout (European Commission)

Structured around three overarching themes: TSO-DSO coordination, Customer Engagement, and Data Spaces, the event provided a comprehensive exploration of critical topics and concrete results from the project. 

See here the full agenda

A panel discussion on the demos highlighted the groundbreaking work developed in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western clusters. Networking sessions and pitching sessions by the demo clusters during coffee breaks and lunch provided valuable opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

The event concluded with a focus on the roadmap and the path forward post-project. A forthcoming deliverable, D11.7 EU-wide implementation of market schemes and interoperable platforms, promises further advancement in the field.

The project was a massive collaborative effort by TSOs, DSOs, research centres, universities, and companies. It intended to build and test a solution that could help to ensure the end of the project and become a reference in Europe. The TwinEU project will use the results of the OneNet project to provide a lasting legacy.

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Download the brochure “Empowering Customers”
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