Educational Video Series

Educational Video Series

Explore the OneNet Project results through our Educational Video Series

Antonello Monti | Building a vision for One Network for Europe

The OneNet project has united over 70 entities across Europe, aiming to foster cooperation in advancing the energy transition across the continent. This video introduces the project, emphasising its key outcomes and achievements.

Kalle Kukk | Towards the Governance of European Common Energy Data Space

Preparations for the European Common Energy Data Space, as outlined in the Data Governance Act and the EU Action Plan for Digitalising the Energy System (DESAP), are gaining momentum. The data exchange framework developed in the OneNet project serves as an early model for such a data space.

Nicolò Rossetto – Customer engagement and consumer centricity in markets for ancillary services

Participation of consumers is important to ensure a cost-effective operation of electricity systems characterised by high shares of renewable and distributed generation. Despite significant efforts in recent years, participation remains limited though. This situation can be explained by the existence of a series of technical, economic, legal and behavioural barriers. The OneNet project has explored and identified some recommendations to overcome them and promote the emergence of more consumer-centric markets for ancillary services.

Carlos Damas Silva | Interoperability and IT

In this video, we delve into the topic of interoperability within the energy system, focusing on how the OneNet project plays a crucial role in advancing this area through offering targeted solutions for system stakeholders.

Matteo Troncia | Market based mechanisms to acquire system services

This video lecture presents OneNet’s contribution to electricity market design in Europe. It covers the motivation, objectives, key definitions, and challenges involved in designing coordinated and integrated flexibility markets. The lecture introduces the Theoretical Market Framework (TMF), which is a comprehensive tool for conceptualizing and designing electricity markets. It integrates mechanisms for coordination between Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Konstantinos Kotsalos | OneNet Reference Architecture

The OneNet reference has been designed to establish a fully replicable and scalable framework, allowing for the seamless operation of the entire European electrical system as a cohesive unit. Special focus is placed on the technical design of the OneNet Connector and Middleware components.