The complete concept of OneNet is proven in 4 cluster demos involving 15 European countries. 

Northern Cluster Demonstrator (WP7)

Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

The Northern Demonstrator is an integrated effort by multiple TSOs and DSOs to enable market driven flexibility uptake by these networks in a coordinated way through multiple markets where liquidity can be reached due to scope or existing trading volumes. Through this demonstration, the project will be able to show mapping and management of network needs in multiple use cases over multiple networks.The Northern Demonstrator is enabled by implementing the framework developed in the INTERRFACE and EU-SysFlex projects and scaling up both the number of networks and the capability of the flexibility enabling solution mechanisms. 

Southern Cluster Demonstrator (WP8)

Greece and Cyprus 

The objective of the Southern Demonstrator is to prescribe, develop, implement and evaluate two pilot projects in Greece and Cyprus dealing with balancing and congestion management challenges facing system operators in the clean energy era, in compliance with the OneNet overall architecture. The results will be evaluated to provide recommendations for future market reforms in the region and harmonization for a panEU electricity market. 

Western Cluster Demonstrator (WP9)

Portugal, Spain and France 

The Western Demonstrator will run in three different countries and will allow for the implementation of a wide range of flexibility mechanisms to address both DSO and TSO needs, including coordination between market mechanisms and the planning and real-time operation of the grids. Amongst the main goals to be achieved, increasing integration of renewables and anticipating operating scenarios are relevant priorities. Use case will address long-term planning and short-term operational planning, as well as the real time operation of the system. Balancing, congestion management at different voltage levels, voltage control, islanding operation, and operation in critical situations, are among the cases to be tested and replicated in different locations.  

Eastern Cluster Demonstrator (WP10)

Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia

The Eastern Demostrator will develop an interoperable network of flexibility platforms to support the utilisation of various flexibility services, service integration and interaction, as well as the related data exchange. This development will be strongly relying on field test that will be performed on various locations. 

The development will be focused in particular on four areas: definition of new standardized flexibility services, elaboration of related market based product and grid prequalification processes, the conceptualisation of location-based service activation and the coordination of access to local and system-level services. It will also include the definition of technical requirements for flexibility providers and aggregators offering flexibility services.