Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables

D2.1 Review on markets and platforms in related activities

D2.2 A set of standardized products for system services in the TSODSO- consumer value chain

D2.3 Business Use Cases for the OneNet

D2.4 OneNet priorities for KPIs, Scalability and Replicability in view of harmonized EU electricity markets

D2.5 Recommendations for the Harmonised Electricity Role Model

D3.1 Overview of market designs for the procurement of grid services by DSOs and TSOs

D3.2 Definition of integrated and fully coordinated markets for the procurement of grid services by DSOs and TSOs

D3.3 Recommendations for Consumer-Centric Products and Efficient Market Design

D3.4 Regulatory and Demo Assessment of proposed integrated markets

D4.1 Guidelines for TSO operation and guidelines for data exchange

D4.2 Guidelines for DSO operation and guidelines for data exchange

D4.3 Guidelines for TSODSO-Consumer system integration plan

D4.4 Cybersecurity requirements for Grid Operators

D5.1 OneNet Concept and Requirements

D5.2  OneNet Reference Architecture

D5.3 Data and Platform Assets Functional Specs and Data Quality Compliance

D5.4  AI, Big Data, IoT Enablers and FIWARE-compliant interoperable interfaces for grid services 

D5.5 Report on Technical specifications for data models/platform agnostic middleware

D5.6 Report on Extended Data, Platform and Service Interoperability 

D5.7 Report on Data Enforcement Policies Design for Sovereignty preserving data access

D5.8 Report on Cybersecurity, privacy and other business regulatory requirements

D6.1 Report on decentralized edge-level middleware for scalable platform agnostic data management and exchange

D6.2 Cross stakeholder Data Governance for Energy Data Exchange

D6.3 Extended Interoperability and Management with FIWARE

D6.4 AI, Big Data, IoT Orchestration Workbench

D6.5 OneNet Reference Platform First Release

D6.6 Tools for Legal, Regulatory, Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance

D6.7 Compliance to Reference Architecture Management Tools

D6.8  OneNet Framework and Components Final Release 

D7.1 Report on flexibility availability

D7.2 Flexibility register description and implementation

D7.3 Report on market functionality

D7.4 TSO-DSO Coordination module description and implementation

D7.5 Report on DSO & TSO value generation drivers

D7.6 Final Northern Cluster demonstrator evaluation report

D8.1 Requirements specification of the pilot projects in Greece and Cyprus

D8.2 Development and implementation of the “F-Channel” platform

D8.3 Development and implementation of the “ABCM” platform

D8.4 Evaluation of Demonstrations Results in Greece and Cyprus

D9.1 Specifications and guidelines for Western Demo

D9.2 Validation and results of concept test – Portugal

D9.3 Validation and results of concept test – Spain

D9.4 Validation and results of concept test – France

D9.5 Demo results assessment and data collection report – Portugal

D9.6 Demo results assessment and data collection report – Spain

D9.7 Demo results assessment and data collection report – France

D9.8 Cluster Demo results evaluation and success metrics analysis – Western Demo

D9.9 Demonstration conclusions and lessons learned – Western Demo

D10.1 Report on customer engagement

D10.2 Report on selection of services

D10.3 Report on development of integral market platform

D10.4 Report on demonstration

D10.5 Report on lessons learned

D11.1 Evaluation of OneNet demonstrators

D11.2 Techno-economic assessment of proposed market schemes for standardized products

D11.3 Recommendation of interoperability platforms and data exchange for TSO-DSO-customer coordination

D11.4 Scalability and Replicability Analysis for market schemes and platforms

D11.5 Customer engagement strategies recommendations

D11.6 Business model analysis of OneNet solutions

D11.7 EU wide implementation of market schemes and interoperable platforms

D12.1 Report on the activities of the open call

D12.2 Report on the first GRIFOn Meeting

D12.3 Report on the second GRIFOn Meeting

D12.4 Report on the third GRIFOn Meeting

D13.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan

D13.2 Website with private area

D13.3 Project brochure, other project presentation materials and social media

D13.4 Intermediate report on the stakeholders engagement, exploitation, dissemination, communication and standardization activities

D13.5 Project Video

D13.6 Exploitation and Marketing Plan for the involvement of partners and future customers-draft

D14.1 Data Management Plan