OneNet Framework

OneNet Framework
To provide a data connector supporting secure and controllable data exchange among grid operators and other market players

OneNet Framework: the core layer of the OneNet Architecture. It consists of three main components:

  1. OneNet Decentralized Middleware
  2. OneNet Orchestration Workbench
  3. OneNet Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard

The OneNet Framework combines the International Data Spaces principles with the advantages of the FIWARE ecosystem ensuring a seamless and secure data exchange in a completely end-to-end decentralized approach.

The OneNet Decentralized Middleware is the core component of the OneNet system. It is implemented using a decentralized approach based on the more used and promising standard architecture and interfaces, namely IDS and FIWARE. It allows the integration and collaboration of the OneNet participants, facilitating the cross-platform market and network operations, ensuring scalability and interoperability, while maintaining the data ownership.

The OneNet Connector is ready-to-go for being deployed and integrated in any already existing platform and offers user-friendly interfaces (both as REST APIs and GUI), enabling users and platforms to exchange data. In addition, the OneNet Connector offers a pre-defined, dynamically evolving list of Cross Platform Services, Business Objects and corresponding Data Profiles is available enabling semantic and data interoperability.

  • Engineering spa
  • European Dynamics
  • Ubitech Energy
  • Fraunhofer FIT

This project impacts the energy industry by providing a scalable and technology-agnostic architecture that allows for seamless integration and data exchange across the European electrical system. The project fosters an open market structure, enabling universal stakeholder participation and the development of new customer-centric business models.

The project may be of interest for many stakeholders within the electricity sector, namely system operators (transmission and distribution), Flexibility Service Provides, Market Operators, Utilities, Research Institutions, among others.

Resources Available

Ferdinando Bosco: Work Package 5

A guide through the achievements of WP5, providing a glimpse into the future enhancements of the OneNet connector.

Reference IT Implementation for OneNet (WP6)

Vassilis Sakas and Konstantinos Kotsalo (European Dynamics)