The Grid Forum (GRIFOn) on TSO- DSO-Consumer data exchange

NewsThe Grid Forum (GRIFOn) on TSO- DSO-Consumer data exchange

The Grid Forum (GRIFOn) on TSO- DSO-Consumer data exchange

GRIFOn – OneNet’s stakeholder platform to create a European consensus about a pan-European electricity system

About GRIFOn

Τhe H2020 OneNet project launches the European Grid Forum (GRIFOn). GRIFOn’s goal is to enable the participation of the international energy community to debate OneNet’s solution for a consumer-centric harmonized European-wide electricity system to create an unforeseen level of consensus throughout Europe.

OneNet cordially invites all stakeholders of the energy system to the next GRIFOn workshop on 16.05.2022 from 09:30 to 12:30 (CET). Together with you, we will debate the topic “TSO-DSO-Customer Interoperability and Integration” on the data exchange, cyber security and interoperability among TSO, DSO and customers.

The event will be organized virtually on the Wonder platform. Wonder is a web application that will allow us to emulate a virtual conference in a small virtual world that you can access via your web browser (preferable Google Chrome, the Safari Browser is not supported). Within this virtual world, we will organize a World Café like event. Have a look at our tutorial video for wonder (Click Here) or try it out directly in the virtual conference world that we will use during the event (Click Here).

The agenda will be presented in detail at the start of the event but will roughly follow the three points below:

  • 1. TSO-DSO-Customer Interoperability and Integration: Introduction of the topic, status quo, results.
  • 2. Moderated small group discussions with up to 10 participants on concrete TSO, DSO and customer related topics such as gaps, barriers and enablers on data exchange and interfaces, data models and ontologies, customer integration and cyber security.
  • 3. Networking, review of the outcome from the group discussions and general discussion with all on the comprehensive topic of TSO-DSO-customer interoperability and integration.


To guarantee a smooth event process, we ask all participants to be on time for the event. Please, keep in mind that we want to engage in an active discussion with all event participants. We are looking forward to exchanging with you!