Giant steps: OneNet flexibility products and market analysis

NewsGiant steps: OneNet flexibility products and market analysis

Giant steps: OneNet flexibility products and market analysis

The first deliverables from our project can already be found on our website. Two of the most notable ones are “D2.2 A set of standardized products for system services in the TSO-DSO- consumer value chain” and “D3.1 Overview of market designs for the procurement of grid services by DSOs and TSOs”.

D2.2 introduces a theoretical framework of possible flexibility products for system operators. This framework was composed by analyzing previous innovation projects and research and by consulting with OneNet system operators. D2.2 comes up with a harmonized model of possible products. This deliverable also lays out the grounds for which SO needs these products would be procured. Moreover, these products are analyzed in depth by determining different attributes of the products and their respective values. The summary of suggested harmonized products is provided below:

Meanwhile, D3.1 does not focus on the products and services themselves but rather investigates how these services could be procured by TSOs and DSOs. This deliverable also investigates previous projects and research and, together with members from different clusters, brings suggestions for possible market designs. The schematic of suggested theoretical framework is depicted below:

Both deliverables provide the base for the main OneNet’s goal – to create conditions for the emergence of new flexibility services that would enable customer-centric grid operation. These services will help to make full use of demand response, distributed energy generation and storage. Even though the final result of the project should be a common IT architecture for Europe, these two papers provide a general understanding of flexibility products and markets that will be enabled through OneNet platform.

For more information and insights about possible flexibility products and flexibility market you can check the deliverables HERE.

Stay tuned!

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