OneNet joined BRIDGE

NewsOneNet joined BRIDGE

OneNet joined BRIDGE

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative that unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalisation Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation.

The BRIDGE Regulatory Working Group, chaired by Helena Gerard from VITO/EnergyVille and Manolo Serrano from ETRA, presented best practices and recommendations on flexibility products and services, system security, and network planning, integrated energy markets, and local market design. Ferando Dominguez from VITO/EnergyVille presented the outcome of the activity on products and services, led by the OneNet project.

The BRIDGE Data Management Working Group presented four ongoing activities in two parallel sessions: data exchange reference architecture DERA 2.0, use case repository, interoperability of flexibility assets, and BRIDGE contribution to standardisation.

The activity related to reference architecture is led by Kalle Kukk from Elering. The new version of the architecture, related recommendations, and next steps were presented and discussed. Konstantinos Kotsalos from European Dynamics presented OneNet architecture in this context.

DERA 2.0 is a reference architecture that aims at cross-sector European-wide data interoperability. As for next steps the need for practical tool for implementing DERA in individual projects was raised. More focus should be given to EC’s upcoming Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan (DoEAP) where DERA can be one building block. Also, the need for a data governance layer on top of the reference architecture was mentioned by OneNet – this is something we plan to address in WP6.

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The future European Energy Market will be green and integrated, which requires new products to cover the challenges of the grid but simultaneously, increases the need for harmonization and integration of both flexibility products and flexibility markets. The OneNet project is committed to continue working on these challenges in the coming years.

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