Customer engagement in flexibility markets: a Portuguese perspective

EventsCustomer engagement in flexibility markets: a Portuguese perspective

Customer engagement in flexibility markets: a Portuguese perspective

Online Event
2 May 2023, 3:00-4:30 pm CEST

Customer engagement is an important aspect of the current energy transition. The European Commission recognised it already with the publication of the Clean Energy Package in 2016, which put consumers at the centre and aimed at leaving no one behind. The development of distributed generation and smart grids enabling real-time management of energy exchanges offer an increasing number of consumers the opportunity to play an active role in the power system. Some of them already expressed an interest in being able to manage their consumption autonomously or react to market price signals. However, the large majority of customers still remain unaware of the ongoing evolution of the energy sector and, often, energy issues are not high on the list of customers’ priorities. The development of flexibility markets represents a further opportunity for customers to contribute and benefit from the ongoing energy transition. 

This online workshop aims to raise the awareness of consumers regarding the new opportunities offered by the markets for system services that are being established within Europe, and shed a light on how the process and main actors and interactions. Beyond that, the workshop will discuss the major barriers and concerns a customer may have when considering the possibility to engage with flexibility markets. Early results on barriers to customer engagement obtained within the context of the OneNet project will be presented and possible solutions to overcome those barriers discussed. 

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Introduction (E-REDES)

  • Welcome and agenda
  • Flexibility in electricity (why do we need it, who provides it, implicit and explicit demand response)
  • Benefits for system operators and consumers

System Operator perspective​ (NESTER + REN + EREDES)

  • DSO Perspective (E-REDES)
  • TSO Perspective (REN)
  • OneNet PT Demo approach (NESTER)

Barriers to customer engagement (FSR)

  • Obstacles to customer participation to flexiblity markets
  • Q&A

Consumer perspective​ (INESC)

  • Data based Flexibility estimation promoting consumer engagement​
  • Methodology​
  • Assumptions and technical requirements​
  • Q&A

    Wrap-up (E-REDES)
  • Future flexibility markets and existing initiatives, and conclusions