Where are we going? Six months of OneNet Project

NewsWhere are we going? Six months of OneNet Project
Antonello Monti

Where are we going? Six months of OneNet Project

By Prof. Antonello Monti (Fraunhofer FIT), OneNet Project Coordinator


We just passed the milestone of the first 6 months of the project and we went already through very interesting times.

Our Partners

First of all, we are probably the project with the highest number of partners. This is not easy to begin with, but it is particularly challenging in these times where only virtual meetings are possible. We had a great Kick Off meeting with fantastic discussions, but I really missed the social aspect and the possibility to get to know each other.

Our mission

Second, we have a huge mission. We promised the European Commission to be the project that will bring together the knowledge of Horizon 2020 and make it available for real deployment. It is a real challenge, but it is also an exciting one: we really have the chance to make a difference in Europe with this project. Up to now, I can say that we are a group of people with great enthusiasm, and this makes me feel optimistic about our challenge.

Last but not least OneNet is a complex system. Our results will be possible only through a complex interaction of activities and we have spent the first six months streamlining these processes and defining formal paths to our deliverables. I am extremely happy about the engagement everybody showed in this process. The participation to the meetings and in every single discussion is the best signal that everybody is fully committed to the project.

Our achievements

Meanwhile, we had already some important achievements. The coordination between the horizontal activities and the demo sites has done a tremendous progress, the definition of the Business Use Cases is evolving at a fantastic pace.

In the middle of all these challenges, we also proved to be a flexible project. In the proposal we had the idea to create GRIFOn but we did not envision (at least I did not) how important this could have been. We got clear signals about it and we have been fast to adapt and respond to these signals giving to our Forum the right position and dimension. Giving the size of our project, I see this as an amazing result and as the best proof that we can adapt to challenges while the project evolves.

Our community

Furthermore, we are very pleased to see that we are developing in a real community.

Let me thank all of you for the work done so far. I am really looking forward to the upcoming months where we enter in the more concrete parts of the project and I am dreaming of a future in-person General Assembly sometime in the close future.