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OneNet Final Event

OneNet Final Event

Join us on 5 March 2024 for the OneNet Project Final Event in Brussels!

This occasion marks the culmination of years of innovation, collaboration, and transformative efforts in reshaping Europe’s electrical landscape.

Event Details:

Date: 5 March 2024

Location: Bluepoint, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80, Brussels, Belgium


9:00 – 9:10: Welcome by Antonello Monti (Fraunhofer)

9:10 – 9:20: Vision of OneNet: Ferdinando Bosco (Engineering) and Antonello Monti (Fraunhofer)

9:20 – 9:30: Keynote Speech by Mark van Stiphout (European Commission) 

9:30 – 10:15: Panel discussion on TSO-DSO coordination / Market Design

Moderator: Helena Gerard (Vito) 


  • Mark van Stiphout (European Commission) 
  • Charles Esser (E.DSO)
  • Siddesh Gandhi (ENTSO-E)  
  • Peter Hermans (SME advisor) 

10:15 – 11:15: Coffee break, networking and pitching sessions by the Demo clusters

  • Northern Cluster: Jan Segerstam (Volue)
  • Southern Cluster: Manolis Zoulias (UoA) and Markos Asprou (University of Cyprus)
  • Western Cluster: Madalena Lacerda (E-REDES)
  • Eastern Cluster: Primož Rušt (Eles)

11:15 – 12:30: Panel discussion on the Demos

Moderator: José Pablo Chaves Ávila (Comillas) 


  • Madalena Lacerda (E-REDES)
  • Jan Segerstam (volue)
  • Rušt Primož (ELES)
  • Markos Asprou (University of Cyprus)

12:30 – 14:00: Lunch break 

14:00 – 14:45: Panel discussion on Customer Engagement

Moderator: Nicolò Rossetto (EUI) 


  • Daniele Stampatori (EUI) 
  • Laurent Schmitt (Digital4Grids)
  • Dimitri Vergne (BEUC)  
  • Adriana Guth (EC) 

14:45 – 15:45: Panel discussion on Data Spaces

Moderator: Kalle Kukk (Elering)


  • Ferdinando Bosco (Engineering)
  • Georg Hartner (Oesterreichs Energie, EDDIE project)
  • Konstantinos Stamatis (DG ENER)
  • Natalie Samovich (Enercoutim, ETIP SNET)

15:45 – 16:45: A Roadmap for the way forward

Moderator: Peter Hermans (SME advisor)


  • Antonello Monti (Fraunhofer)
  • Gwen Willeghems (Vito)
  • Madalena Lacerda (E-REDES)
  • Jukka Rinta-Luomo (Fingrid)
  • Sonia Jimenez (International Data Spaces Association – IDSA)
  • Norela Constantinescu (ENTSO-E)
  • Richard Vidlicka (CEZ Group)
  • Vassilis Sakas (European Dynamics)

The event will be hybrid, and there is the possibility to join online. A Zoom link will follow soon.

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