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OneNet Open call | Alexis Kyriacou: Wisewire
OneNet Open call | Miguel Carvalho: Watt is
OneNet Open call | Omar Aynur: RYNADMTS by Presify Analytic Software Inc.
OneNet Open call | Maria Atanasova: GEOGRID by Software Company
Customer engagement in flexibility markets: a Portuguese perspective
OneNet Open Days – Western and Southern Cluster
OneNet Western Demo Cluster presented by José Miguel Cruz (E-REDES)
OneNet Southern Demo Cluster presented by Emmanouil Zoulias (University of Athens)
OneNet Northern Demo Cluster presented by Poria Divshali (Enerim)
OneNet Eastern Demo Cluster presented by Primož Rušt (ELES)
Third GRIFOn Workshop


OneNet series: Reference IT Implementation for OneNet (WP6)
OneNet series: Open IT Architecture for OneNet (WP5)
OneNet series: Products and services definition in support of OneNet (WP2)
OneNet series: Flexibility markets and the power of the algorithm
OneNet series: Data for the energy transition